WANTED – Mark Millar

Some works move you, some works give you pause for thought. This one spits in your face then tells you to cut your hair and get a job. But you could just follow along passively as a good little reader and enjoy this entertaining romp. It has a great hook after all.

What would happen if super villains took over the world? Not the one dimensional, death-ray constructing, megalomaniacs of other comics but cold, calculating, Machiavellian minds. It certainly makes for an interesting place. Then what would happen if Average Joe Loser woke up to find himself head super villain. Ultimate power and NO responsibility. Hell yeah!

An enjoyable story but who is it really about? In the words of Spartacus “I’m Wesley Gibson.” “No, I’M Wesley Gibson!” Mark Millar could very well be our new Jonathan Swift. A really cracking read with excellent art! Thumbs Up!

2/363. Tomorrow: Batman – The Killing Joke

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