Batman: The Killing Joke – Alan Moore

I don’t like Batman but I do like Alan Moore. That’s what persuaded me to read this. Plus it has Brian Bolland doing the artwork and he drew my favourite Judge Dredd so there is some really lovely art. In this edition he also did all the colouring for it and it looks superb. This presents The Joker’s origin story which I didn’t know.

I find origin stories dangerous as they can mess with characters you love. Hannibal Lecter is dangerous maniac until you read “Hannibal Rising” and he becomes a victim of a difficult childhood. Do you really want to sympathise with the Joker? To understand him?

Alan Moore does his best work when allowed to generate original material such as Watchmen and 2000AD’s “Future Shocks.” Constraining him with existing characters tempers his anarchic brilliance. But he did what no one else could do and that was make me read a Batman story. I even enjoyed it too. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Black Lightning: Year One – Jan Van Meter

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