Black Lightning: Year One – Jen Van Meter

I find it rare but rewarding to see a black protagonist in modern comics. They are almost as rare as gay and disabled ones.

This tale concerns a new principal moving back to his old high school in Metropolis’ “Suicide Slums.” You didn’t know Metropolis had slums or black neighbourhoods did you? It has a good start reminiscent of such films as Dangerous Minds or Coach Carter. Then the supernatural starts popping up, people put on costumes and famous DC heroes start making cameos.

If you took out all the spandex and just left the tale of human drama then this would be an excellent take. It really doesn’t need frosting or a cherry on top. That said it’s nice to have a surprise or see a familiar name or face.

Each issue features an internal monologue from one of the main characters transposed over the unfolding action. This can get quite confusing. Whilst I applaud the writers for trying to be different it messed with my head. Good art that feels appropriate to the street/ ghetto setting.

For a good effort; Thumbs Up!

4/361. Tomorrow: The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch – Neil Gaiman

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