Why now?

Well I had this idea some time ago. I have actually been accumulating graphic novels like canned food for an impending apocalypse. Trust me, no one is more experienced at purchasing them over the internet than I am now. I swear I must have way more than the 365 I planned on getting. I have even been doing the write-ups for them as I read them. It always helps to prepare these things in advance don’t you know.

Sadly I never seemed to get around to the making a blog or sorting out a website. All that techy mumbo jumbo was too much for someone who considers light-switches way too digital and futuristic for his liking. Then Last Sunday I met Stan Lee. Yes that Stan Lee. Who, for the record, is the nicest, funniest, warmest, most incredible human being you could ever wish to meet.

That convinced me that fate was at work and I should stop procrastinating as you don’t get a handshake from a living legend twice in a lifetime. Plus I now have so many books I can’t actually get to the kitchen and I am rather partial to eating.

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