Where do you get them?

Well my local library has way more than I thought they would so this first week or two will be all from there for free. Libraries are amazing places and we should all support them as much as we can.

Then it is eBay to pick up second-hand copies. If you just want to read it and pass it on then eBay is a great place. Many of my weird one offs come from there.

Next it is Amazon which seems to be the cheapest online place. They also do a student discount too if you are a student. Their postage is free. If you sign up for the one month Amazon Prime trial you get free next day delivery for a whole month. Amazon also has a marketplace system where people can sell their copies (both new and used) at a fixed price. Sometimes you find bargains there. You can also sell your copy once you are finished and Amazon has all the product details unlike eBay so listing is quick and easy. They do take more of a cut than eBay however.

If you aren’t a student then The Book Depository is sometimes the cheapest. They have free postage but it seems to take a little longer than Amazon. Another quirk is that if you order multiple items then they are always packaged separately unlike Amazon’s single box delivery.

We also have Forbidden Planet. Their online prices are the cheapest BUT they charge postage. If you want a single volume then it works out more expensive. If you are ordering a lot their postage is capped at £5.00 so it can work out cheaper.

Join their mailing lists. Forbidden Planet once sent me a 10% off email and I spent £300 with them. The Book Depository sends me the same but more frequently. Amazon has never offered me a spontaneous discount but Paypal once did allowing me to save money on eBay purchases.

I have no local independent comic shop I must add. If I did then I should definitely be shopping there. If anyone is certifiable enough to open a comic shop then they deserve your custom and your respect!

I have no sponsors or affiliate programs but if you want to send me free stuff then I will certainly consider it. 365 books at £10 each is about 4.6 million pounds so the only way I can afford this is by selling the books after I read them which will probably traumatize me for life.

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