Spider-Man: Reign – Kaare Andrews

The Marvel universe has all sorts of alternate realities, parallel worlds and people popping back from the future with stark warnings. In this story we see what a genuine future could be like with a grey-haired ex-spiderman Peter Parker. This has a genuine feel to it with Peter having outlived all of his nearest and dearest and the world changed beyond recognition. With super heroes a thing of the past and a supposed benevolent government exercising more control over its citizens Peter has a very different life.

This is an enjoyable story as you try and work out what happened to all the characters you know and love and how the world changed. There are very strong parallels with our own world and you can just imagine George Orwell serving as co-writer. Although only four issues long the story doesn’t feel rushed or abridged. It is perfect for those who aren’t Spidey fans or familiar with the current mythos as you can just drop in. The art has a very plain style and a subdued palette perfect for a bleak future. Thumbs up!


Tomorrow: Squadron Supreme: The Pre-War Years – J. Michael Straczynski

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