Aztek – Grant Morrison and Mark Millar

This could be a great story from a great author but it suffers from the same thing many DC titles do and that is Gratuitous Cameo Syndrome. This is an interesting tale of an Aztec trained warrior trying to blend into American society inconspicuously whilst awaiting the arrival of the impending apocalypse. This would be a neat little concept as our hero commits all sorts of social bloopers and we get to laugh with him at how ridiculous both he and society are in equal measure. Sadly the book has to be invaded by other name brand DC characters that just seem to pop up to get someone a royalty cheque. It’s annoying but not insurmountable.

The world is good and really helped along by the art. It is present day but has that Dick Tracy/ Batman feel. You could almost think you are reading one of the original Detective Comics issues as the style and palette are very similar. I liked this ‘timeless’ touch. The villains have a very Al Capone feel to them and may have been exiled from Gotham City. There is some good characterisation and you can really feel for Aztek when he isn’t bleating about his membership to the JLA or whatever super team. There are some good laughs including the Superhero Registration form he is made to fill in by the police department. It was that genius gag that secures this title the Thumbs Up!

11/354. Tomorrow: Avengers: Next

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