Tozzer 2 – Rob Dunlop Peter Lumby

Having enjoyed the first volume I eagerly checked out volume two. It was a much larger book and again contained a single storyline. Whilst it was competent and enjoyable to see more of the same, and new, characters it didn’t really introduce anything fresh or novel. I enjoyed reading it but it did not have the originality or unpredictability of the first one. There is a humorous interview at the back and it was interesting to learn that this is a British title (judging by the Bob Monkhouse and Westlife knowledge). The third volume promises a collection of short stories and I think that will serve them better. This goes to prove you can have too much of a good thing. Just missed out on the Thumbs Up.


Tomorrow: Tozzer: Peckerwood 24 Minutes – Rob Dunlop & Peter Lumby

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