Tozzer: Peckerwood 24 Minutes – Rob Dunlop Peter Lumby

Here is another volume in the series and this one is slightly different. The main three characters of Tozzer, Hornie and Rod return. The main plot is a parody of the TV series 24, with a little bit of the game/ film Hitman. It works well enough but doesn’t have the breadth of the first volume. It is amusing rather than funny in the same way that a Tom & Jerry cartoon is.

The artwork still has the same high standard. The format has changed however and the book shares the same dimensions as a postcard being wider than tall. This neither improves nor distracts from the delivery but does mean it won’t line up on your bookshelf with the others. A good try but neither Thumbs Up or Down.


Tomorrow: The Cobbler’s Monster – Jeff Amano

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