A Series Business

Ok, Ok, so the Pun-O-Matic is broken and my homemade ones are getting worse. But I just wanted to say how much thought went into how to treat an ongoing series.

Personally I like stories that have an end no matter how long they are. I don’t like to start enjoying something until the last part has come out. This is true for books, television, comics, and most things. I will try and wait until I can get hold of the complete work rather than be halted half way through. There are some series that don’t have an end in sight such as Usagi Yojimbo, Walking Dead, The Boys, etc that are just too good to wait for so I will gladly make an exception for these titles.

I did give a lot of thought to whether a series would count as a single work or not. With stories such as Tozzer or Wormwood, where the characters remain the same but each book is a new and self-contained storyline, then I will say no. But what about Girls or Y the Last Man?

The jury is still out and I will have to cross that bridge when I come to it I guess.

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