Wonderland: Children of the Future Age – Derek Watson & Kit Wallis

This is a charming tale of two children surviving in post-apocalyptic London. It is definitely about children and would be a great read for children as well as adults. The story is compact and well paced but gives you enough background to want another helping. It’s not a new premise but it is peppered with enough fresh ideas to raise an eyebrow. When was the last time you saw post-apocalyptic elephants?

The art is kind of a Western Manga, not quite cartoony, not quite flash animation, but perfect to convey the children’s world. The colours are strong but not bright building the desolate atmosphere perfectly. It’s interesting to see the odd familiar landmark crop up, and it being London there is the obligatory “south of the river” joke. A really nice surprise. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Another Suburban Romance – Alan Moore

2 thoughts on “Wonderland: Children of the Future Age – Derek Watson & Kit Wallis

    • As far as I know this is the only volume. The writer Derek Watson wrote a number of non-fiction books mostly about classical musicians. The artist Kit Wallis illustrated two other books Breathe and Monster Club. What a shame.
      Thanks for your interest though and for being the first non-spam post. Woo Hoo!

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