Another Suburban Romance – Alan Moore

I didn’t read the back of this book before reading it. I should have. What you have here are three “performance works” (or poems as I like to call them) from celebrated writer Alan Moore. They have been illustrated and placed in the traditional comics format which as they have no real narrative they make no sense when you to read them as a story. If you take just the text you have a sublime literary spectacle from a confident, flourishing author. If you look at the illustration you have a huge collection of mini-masterpieces. Each is an exquisitely detailed black and white line drawing with so much depth packed in you could drink in each one for ages and still keep seeing new details. Put them both together and try and read it in a way that it is not intended and you end up with a mental train wreck. But that’s my fault for not looking at the instructions. Thumbs Up for outsmarting the reader!


Tomorrow: The Pro – Garth Ennis

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