Where will it all begin?

I mentioned previously I try not to read stories that don’t yet have an end. Well I also don’t like to read stories whose beginning I can’t get hold of. Things that began last century. Technically last millennium. Which pretty much rules out all superhero comics. I know things have been rebooted and rebranded and relaunched but if they are going to reference previous events and people and stop me seeing the whole picture then I am not interested.

A lot has been done to help those new to the party. Stories are generally written in six issue blocks that, like a TV episode, try to be self-contained. Trade paperbacks collect these into easily purchasable chunks. But many of these characters will be 100 years old in my lifetime, having started in the 1930’s and 40’s. If I like these characters I will want to know where they came from, what choices they have made and how they became the people I am reading about are today.

Now that publishing has become cheaper, prompting omnibus editions, and that truly digital comics are on the horizon you won’t have to trawl through boxes of back issues to have access to a character’s complete history. Things will become more accessible. Also Wikipedia has managed to provide a constructive outlet for the fervour of diehard fans allowing them to provide detailed summaries of what has gone before.

In short I am looking forward to reading some of the superhero classics, but probably not for this blog. Hey you had some Batman and there was that Avengers spinoff. Quit your whining.

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