The Pro – Garth Ennis

A short story about a foul mouthed prostitute who gets superpowers. It looks like a pretty base concept ripe for a procession of bum and fart gags. It is, but, with Garth Ennis at the helm it’s the most mature, intelligent series of bum and fart gags you could imagine. This isn’t a series of sexist cheap thrills but a thought-provoking and humorous parody of both superheroes and modern society. It is good humoured and genuinely laugh-out-loud funny all the way through with great pacing. You can see some of his early ideas for “The Boys” beginning to emerge here too. There is also a second mini-story once you have enjoyed the first. The artwork is superb with dazzling over-the-top spandex colours yet amazing characterisation using clean and sparing lines. A Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Cthulhu Tales – Boom Studios

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