They walk among us.

Apparently you are never more than six feet away from a rat. How about a geek? You know they look just like us I hear. They can be at your workplace, crossing the street, behind you in a queue or sat across from you on the tube. And you would never know. Unless they are dressed in costume or reading something obviously geeky. Then just don’t make eye contact. I hear turning up the volume on Strictly or TOWIE will drive them away. For a while…

I just discovered that people who work in the same building as me; people who I see everyday that look like the most normal people you can imagine; are secretly geeks. And get this; they are even geekier than me. Sheesh!

It is pretty amazing that people out there – people you would never suspect – are into the same cool stuff as you are. Soon we will be taking over the world…

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