Green Candles – Tom De Haven

This is a series of three digest volumes making up one whole story. This really is exceptionally well crafted. Plot, characters, dialogue and pace are all sublime. It is both a page turner and an effortless read making it over all too quickly sadly. There are a couple of stories and they are interweaved in such a way it does not seem contrived.

The art is very clean black and white line drawings and suits the murky subject matter very well. There are some flashbacks and the art changes helping you see what is happening in the present day and what is a memory.

Some of the plot is given away by the blurb on the back of the books and the cover illustrations which I found disappointing. Other than that it’s very rewarding to put all the pieces together. The central character is well developed and believable and it’s fun to root for him. Thumbs up!


Tomorrow: Innocents – David Wohl

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