Innocents – David Wohl

This starts off as a competent if slow moving tale following a successful woman with a taste for extreme sports. You think it’s going down the normal people wake up with superpowers/ great destiny route and then with a subtle twist it ends up somewhere different.

It has a classic Empire Strikes Back ending leaving you feeling you have only had the starter and are being cheated out of your main course. As far as I can tell there is no volume 2 so you will have to imagine the sequel that never was.

The art is clear and colourful and suited to the genre. There are no groundbreaking techniques and most of the story comes from the telling and not the showing which is a waste of the format. I did find the narration text (“meanwhile…” “elsewhere…” “ten minutes later..” etc.) a bit intrusive. There are some thematic letters, posters and so on between the issues much like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but they don’t really add anything.

Another one that falls into the “Meh” category sadly. There is nothing wrong with it but it’s just not the next Watchmen. No Thumbs today sadly.


Tomorrow: Rail – Dave Dorman

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