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The best thing about having a voice on the internet is that you can use it spotlight deserving people. So I am going to give a shout out to the fine folks at MOMBcomics. Not just because they gave me a mention, but because their website genuinely deserves one.

They are a bunch of down to earth geeks who can write and converse intelligently about comics and geekdom in general. They don’t have an axe to grind, a message to push (other than to support the talented) and their site isn’t plagued by adverts.

They feature a wide range of comics and movies too. They also have a weekly podcast which is the source of all sorts of info. There are definitely a couple of titles I am going to check out based on their recommendations and I learnt about a great comic convention that you should attend.

Incidentally a podcast – for those who only read and never listen – is like a drunken pub conversation that veers wildly off into tangents and breaks out into spontaneous humour. It isn’t like a polished and concise radio show but this lends it much more authenticity. You tend to believe what people are saying when it hasn’t been scripted. These are personal feelings and judgements. When you have a number of contributors you get some great discussions and debates making for a richer point of view. And it is great company while ironing, washing-up or walking to the supermarket.

So check out their podcast. You can listen to it on the site or download it and put it on your mediaplayer. Start with their review of 2011 then check out the others. These are the only people I have ever seen who give you a running order of their recordings so you can jump right in or back to items that interest you. This earns them the coveted 365 Thumbs Up!

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