Superman: True Brit – Kim Johnson

Origin stories, particularly alternate origin stories are popular fare. The Superman story Red Son sees him grow up in Russia. True Brit has him fall to earth in Britain and raised as Colin Kent. But this is not the Britain any of its natives would recognise but the cosy, quaint, repressed Britain that comes from the American mind. John Cleese is credited as one of the creators and you can see the slapstick of Python and Fawlty Towers in there.

There isn’t much of a story here and there fun comes from spotting how the American characters translate into a farcical British setting. Disturbingly the whole work seems to be a thinly veiled attack on the newspaper industry. Very thinly veiled at times. It seems like someone had an axe to grind and wasn’t clever about doing it.

The art is perfectly serviceable and harks back to the style of popular British comics such as the Beano and Whizzer & Chips but with infinitely more colour. It is a nice idea and interesting to see how the familiar is relocated with some appalling puns thrown in. It is a Thumbs Up, but barely.


Tomorrow: Crossed – Garth Ennis

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