Welcome to the month one roundup.

This month we had zero Thumbs Down titles.
This could be because I am too generous or it could be because something that bad just can’t make it into print. Unlike say the movie industry which will peddle any old baloney.

We had six No Thumbs titles.
This is more than I expected. Maybe I am not generous enough.

Cthulhu Tales
Tozzer: Peckerwood 24 Minutes
Tozzer 2
Avengers Next: Rebirth
The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch

We had twenty-one Thumbs Up titles so it’s great to see the majority of stuff being well worth reading.

Superman: True Brit
Green Candles
When the Wind Blows
Another Suburban Romance
Wonderland: Children of the Future Age
The Ballad of Doctor Richardson
The Cobbler’s Monster
Tozzer and the Invisible Lap Dancers
The Wintermen
Squadron Supreme: The Pre-War Years
Spider-Man: Reign
The Stranded
Black Lightning: Year One
Batman: The Killing Joke

Surprisingly we four Double Thumbs Up titles. I definitely have no hesitation in recommending these excellent works.

London’s Dark
The Pro
Xombie Reanimated
Fell: Feral City

If I were to choose just one work then my head would probably explode as they all appeal in different ways. The Pro or Feral City call to my warped sensibilities most. Xombie for the younger readers certainly and London’s Dark for the older readers. People who read things like Eagle and Scream way back in the day.

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