Crossed 3D – David Lapham

This is a single issue tale set in the Crossed universe created by Garth Ennis. It concerns a doctor trapped in a Manhattan skyscraper and a group of volunteers sent in to get her.

This is my first experience with a 3D comic since I was a teenager and my first ever colour 3D experience. Whilst I did have to spend a lot of time tilting the page and fiddling with the glasses when it worked the 3D experience was very good. There are the occasional gimmicky frames where things are artificially designed to pop out at the viewer but these are the exception not the rule. The best effect I saw was looking down over the edge of a stairwell. It must take a lot of work to turn each panel into a scene with depth and you have to appreciate people trying to innovate in their medium. The 3D glasses that come with it have a crossed design printed on them which is kind of neat. Trouble is you don’t want to rip them out of the book to use them.

Unfortunately this makes no use of the Crossed mythos whatsoever. They are generic threats with no defining features. The story is so brief we get no chance to learn about or empathise with central characters and there is no opportunity for them to grow. This is a huge opportunity missed. It could have been the Crossed version of Aliens but instead just falls flat. I can’t bring myself to give it the thumbs up and only the 3D saves it from a thumbs down. A real shame. No Thumbs!


Tomorrow: Supreme Power: Contact – J. Michael Straczynski

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