Supreme Power: High Command – J. Michael Straczynski

All good things come to an end and this is the concluding volume of the excellent Supreme Power trilogy. In this we learn how you hurt an invulnerable man and what he will do in return. We see racism rear its ugly head but tackled with grace and aplomb by a skilled writer. You learn how a government deals with its dirty laundry and how far it will stoop to fight fire with fire. This is a gripping storyline with one major flaw – it comes to an end.

This feels like an unsatisfactory ending too. Part of it is that you are enjoying it so much you want more and part is because there are too many loose ends. Some characters have been given so little development they might as well not have been created in the first place. Were they just window dressing or Deus ex Machina. In some ways the story is so grand Straczynski painted himself into a corner and nothing could justify such an awesome build-up. But maybe this is real life at its most real. Maybe all endings aren’t neat or happy and we wish somehow things had worked out differently.

The art once again is perfectly functional and includes some competent touches with flashbacks and so on. There are no fancy storytelling gimmicks like the last volume but some interesting dialogue uses to allegorise parts of the story. You do certainly want more and I will be checking the spin-off titles. Until then it’s definitely a Thumbs Up from me!


Tomorrow: Doctor Spectrum (Supreme Power): Full Spectrum – Sara Barnes

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