Doctor Spectrum (Supreme Power): Full Spectrum – Sara Barnes

Supreme Power by J. Michael Straczynski was a great series. One problem it suffered from was its ensemble cast was so large that only a few of its members really got the opportunity to shine. The solution was to give each character their own spinoff series. Unfortunately Straczynski didn’t have time to write them all so some of them got handed to other writers.

This volume is set entirely when the Doc went unconscious after interfacing with the crystal. Most of it takes place in his head as he and the crystal fight for control of his mind or in flashbacks to his past. There is a small amount concerning the General and whether or not they should cut the crystal off him or not.

The art is fine and it is good to see some different styles used for the flashbacks and internal monologue. Barnes does a competent job of stepping into what must be some intimidating shoes but this work lacks the grandeur and thorny issues that Supreme Power did so well. Still when you are starving for more greatness the good will surely do. I don’t begrudge it a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Supreme Power: Hyperion – J. Michael Straczynski

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