Singularity 7 – Ben Templesmith

This is an interesting piece. I wouldn’t describe it as a traditional graphic novel more an idea or a memory expressed visually. The art is definitely the attention grabber as the narrative is quite loose and basic. If you imagine the offspring of Geiger and Dali being given some crayons after a nightmare then that will give you an idea of the punchy, anarchistic style at work here. More visual food fight than feast. This is the artist that illustrated Warren Ellis’ Fell: Feral City.

Here is a short tale concerning alien invasion and extermination with a dirty dozen mission to get some payback. Picture an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon set in the Terminator universe. There is also a mini-tale at the end which I think is better than the main work. The covers and concept art included also have more impact than the narrative. It is not a Thumbs Down but it’s just not my cup of tea.


Tomorrow: War of the Undead – Bryan Johnson

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