War of the Undead – Bryan Johnson

We’ve all seen stories of Nazi’s messing with the occult and even raising zombies to do their bidding. How do you raise the stakes? By adding Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman of course. These three are the good guys too. Not enough horror? How about a cameo by Jekyll and Hyde? Or the Invisible Man maybe? This is stuffed to the gills with classic horror goodness and despite the occasional jarring Godzilla quote it all seems to work very well. Oh and I almost forgot the Mummy. And Satan.

The plan is to resurrect Hitler so you get the obligatory – if clever and amusing – testicle reference. It is quite a brief romp but wraps up nicely and previews the sequel which promises to do for B-movie sci-fi what this volume did for B-movie horror. It does switch from film script to internal monologue halfway through but is cleverly written and engaging.

The art is mostly blood spattered panels but there are some exquisite gems such as Dracula’s coffin bathed in eerie green light or faces lit by an orange flame. The stars are the various portraits of Hitler in the background inserting him into paintings of the renaissance, medieval and antiquity.

Over the top enough to warrant a Thumbs Up and to make me want to check out the sequel. 


Tomorrow: Big Numbers – Alan Moore

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