Big Numbers – Alan Moore

There are many writers I am sure that have wacky, crazy ideas that their publisher’s tell them will never sell. Alan More doesn’t have this problem as no matter how far out his ideas someone will publish them. At first glance this does seem to be a vanity project with pages filled with nonsensical dialogue-free randomness. As the pages go on and the dialogue appears we get an interesting glimpse into the everyday lives of quirky random strangers just like us. Like an overheard phone call, or sitting behind two people conversing on a bus, we are privy to the private moments in the lives of several ordinary human beings. By the end of it we feel richer and almost privileged to have glimpsed something not shared with others.

The art is quite unique and seems to be photographs that have been copied or traced leaving black and white drawings. Some are vividly real and others become more impressionistic. It all adds to the authenticity of what we are witnessing. It has the impression of those photo stories from teenage magazines of the seventies.

This isn’t an easy read and it doesn’t hold your hand so you may feel like you only understood part of the story. I did get enough of it to give it a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Wormwood – Garth Ennis

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