Y: The Last Man – Volume 2 – Cycles – Brian K. Vaughan

We begin with a text recap of what happened in the previous volume. This features a number of statistics about how our society is divided and the roles that men and women occupy. Most airline pilots, CEO’s and violent criminals are men. Without these roles being filled what will our society evolve into. One of the characters also quotes similar figures mid text. It is nice to know your writer does his homework, and by being so informed, we can have greater confidence in his story.

It has been said that good fiction concerns extraordinary things happening to ordinary people. Although our central characters include a brilliant scientist, a heroic soldier and a female James Bond, many people they meet along the way are regular folk caught up in this unfolding catastrophe. Whilst there is a great deal of homicidal feminism, which can make two dimensional characters, there are also touching moments of normality. Yorick, who has become smugly annoying, does seem to grow and change and behave realistically, assuming that is possible being the last man on Earth.

The raw innovation and bold style of the first volume fade into more conventional storytelling now our attention has been captured. The art is solid but not exceptional. The dialogue is generously spaced out however with the minimum amount of text per panel making this a real page turner that doesn’t feel wordy or exposition heavy. This is the proverbial difficult second album and while it can’t manage the spectacle of the first it exposes us to important points of view on love and death and sets up a great hook for the next part. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Y: The Last Man – Volume 3 – One Small Step – Brian K. Vaughan

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