Y: The Last Man – Volume 4 – Safeword – Brian K. Vaughan

Sex! In a story such as this it is only a matter of time before the focus turns to sex and when Yorick is kidnapped by a crazy dominatrix all of his secrets come out. There is some fantastic laugh out loud humour and some very profound things to think about. This is a beautiful blend of themes and emotions and the true definition of a mature comic.

The art is fantastic. As the story heads to indoor locations the pallet changes and there is some exceptional colour work. Bold colours expertly combined ramp up the intensity of the emotion. Some daring techniques are used to spice up the structured framework we have become used to for flashbacks, dream sequences and hallucinations. The artist changes half way through but the continuity remains solid. The characters become a little more detailed and the colour work continues to shine as we move back outdoors.

There is a lot of drama, new characters are well defined and we get some personal revelations about the existing ones. Y has reached the top of its game and a page turner in every sense. It is time for the Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Y: The Last Man – Volume 5 – Ring of Truth – Brian K. Vaughan

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