Y: The Last Man – Volume 5 – Ring of Truth – Brian K. Vaughan

After sex must come religion. The first of the three stories is about religion, more specifically the male dominated catholic faith. This is part list of facts and part rant but it is well told through someone Yorick meets on his travels and his desire to confess his sin from the previous volume. It is a good story which asks excellent questions, has warm human emotions and puts Yorick in a difficult position. Everything a story should do.

The next tales are concerned with moving the plot along. We get some new information on the plague, get reunited with someone and have the whole world put in jeopardy. This is pretty much all action and it is in danger of selling out to become a Hollywood blockbuster. Hopefully things will swing back the other way and we will regain some of the emotion and philosophising that Y does so well.

The art is still up to par but doesn’t outshine the story. There are some nice instances of showing not telling and the word to art ratio is strongly in favour of the art. Although there are three stories and this is a thick volume it still whizzes by at a thrilling pace. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Y: The Last Man – Volume 6 – Girl on Girl – Brian K. Vaughan

2 thoughts on “Y: The Last Man – Volume 5 – Ring of Truth – Brian K. Vaughan

  1. ANy of you fine feathered folks ever read The Losers? The art on the cover looks like a 100 B’s knock off, wonrideng if the story is any good.Sleeper 4 is not until Sept 21 ..

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