Y: The Last Man – Volume 6 – Girl on Girl – Brian K. Vaughan

In this part we go to sea in an adventure and find out how women have been ruling the waves, from above and below, since the plague. This is more of a factual action piece than thought provoking philosophy but it is still very good. Think of Ice Station Zebra or Where Eagles Dare as you are constantly trying to work out whose side anyone is on and what they are up to.

The art comes to the fore now with some incredible colours for the ocean, the outback and the inside of submarines. There are some nice effects such the blurry view through someone’s spectacles and a flashback told in wonderful colour instead of the usual black and white. We get to learn much more about Beth so she fully becomes a character instead of merely a destination.

This is good solid stuff. Although it doesn’t advance the plot the characters grow, we learn more about what has gone before and get a real blast from the past. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Y: The Last Man – Volume 7 – Paper Dolls – Brian K. Vaughan

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