Y: The Last Man – Volume 8 – Kimono Dragons – Brian K. Vaughan

Things tend to slow down a bit here and this volume is very dialogue and exposition heavy. There is still action and suspense, and sex robots, but some very wordy pages too. A lot of this volume is taken up with Dr Mann’s back-story as we get to know all about her childhood and the complex lives of her parents.

The art, by contrast, really shines. The colours are incredibly rich with some beautiful shading and some exquisite fine detailing. There are some neat little touches such as a clever reflection and a thrown object leaving the frame. It’s as if the artist is trying to smuggle creativity in under the radar.

This does feel like one of the weakest volumes so far but it is testament to the great writing that even this deserves a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Y: The Last Man – Volume 9 – Motherland – Brian K. Vaughan

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