Bonus Review: Will you still love me if I wet the bed? – Liz Prince

You can tell this is a comic and not a graphic novel for two reasons. Firstly it tells you on the cover and secondly it is a series of short, self-contained vignettes that only last a few panels. It reminds me of the old “Love is…” comic strips but updated for a contemporary, adult audience.

The art is a black and white doodles, more advanced than stick men, but not approaching realistic. It is consistent and the characters are well defined and recognisable. You can still see the preliminary pencil marks under the inking which I think adds to the authenticity and honesty of the work.

This a basically a scrapbook of all the stupid, crazy, wacky, zany nonsense that couples in love say to each other that only really makes sense to them. The kind of brilliant flashes of genius you wish you would write down at the time but later forget. In small doses they are sweet and endearing but a whole book can be a bit sickly for one sitting.

This is certainly different and a very good use of the comic medium. I am not convinced it would get read too often but would make an ideal stocking filler when you are done. Very enjoyable.

Bonus review.

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