Covert Vampiric Operations: Volume One – Alex Garner

This is a 48 page one-shot that is like the pilot episode of a new TV show. It has to work hard to introduce you to the world, the premise, the characters, the back-story and hook you in to tuning in next week.

The premise is that the USA has a Special Forces team of vampires that make the world safer by conducting international black-ops. Not a bad idea. When you can hypnotise people and turn into mist then you kind of have a head start in the espionage business.

It doesn’t do a bad job particularly as it introduces demons and magical artefacts to shake things up. It is unfortunate it is so brief, as it seems more like a trailer than an actual episode. The art is OK with some good colouring for flashbacks and some atmospheric shadowing – vampires liking the dark you see. Not a thumbs up yet but I will be staying tuned.


Tomorrow: Covert Vampiric Operations: Volume Two – Jeff Mariotte

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