The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln – Scott McCloud

This starts off reading like an illustrated history book for children. But via a quirky spin on The Breakfast Club, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and possibly a bit of Mars Attacks turns into a cautionary message of beware of flag waving patriots who seem too good to be true.

It is certainly full of surprises as the plot twists and turns and you aren’t really sure where it is all heading. Along the way you get the feeling that it is asking some difficult questions but these seem to zip by rather fast. If you aren’t American and/ or have a familiarity American history then you tend to get rather lost.

The art is quite distinctive and appears to be computerised 3D backgrounds with characters hand drawn in 2D on top. This certainly gives a unique feel and it reminds you of brightly coloured children’s cartoons. It is quite a pleasing combination and certainly must have taken a lot of effort.

Whilst cryptic in places this effort is certainly worthy of a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Girls Volume 1: Conception – Luna Brothers

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