Girls Volume 2: Emergence – Luna Brothers

Walking Dead was and is virtually the perfect survival horror story. The only thing it lacked was graphic nudity. Well here we have the answer to what would happen if it did. It isn’t gratuitous and sensationalist either. It is integral to the plot. Girls is possibly the pinnacle of survival horror and chief resurrectionist of the small town B movie.

With the incredible cliff-hanger of the last book there is no doubt that you are going to keep on reading. Rest assured the end of this book is just as gripping as the first. The stakes are rising, the body count is increasing and the Girls are multiplying. And everyone is yelling at everyone else as all the old grudges that fester in a small community boil to the surface.

The art is excellent and you eventually get used to the shifting focus techniques. The digital colouring does allow you to do some neat effects with reflections. Some of the night scenes are a bit dark but that helps add to the sense of confusion and panic that you are watching. There is a great cocktail of characters so you always have someone to laugh at, empathise with, and cheer on.

This is such a killer idea it would be hard (and heartbreaking) to mess it up. But as the story unfolds more layers and depth are added to the mystery of the Girls pulling you deeper and deeper into this work. You really can’t stop now as this truly deserves a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Girls Volume 3: Survival – Luna Brothers

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