Girls Volume 3: Survival – Luna Brothers

This is the killer volume; the one where it all falls into place. You have your alien menace, your pressure cooker atmosphere causing everyday people to go nuts and you have your dividing line of them and us. Men vs. Women. And it all kicks off in a brutal and nasty way. Normal people pushed too far snapping just as you knew they would.

This is the volume that looks at the big picture of men and women. But it doesn’t express an opinion, offer an answer or tell you anything you didn’t already know. It just reminds you how complex both sexes are and shows us what happens when we don’t tread carefully. These aren’t characters we are watching, they are real people.

There are many neat little touches showing how much thought has gone into this work. What would people really do in this situation? What are their needs? How would the outside world react? All these details have been anticipated and explained. There are no loose ends, dumb choices or gaping plot holes. This work is so highly polished you can see your face in it.

The art is fantastic. Although the figures are basic and minimally detailed the lighting and shadows are superb. There are some great sunrises and twilights. You really get a feel for the quality of light, time of day and even the mood of the scene. There is definitely a photographer’s eye at work here.

This is human drama at its very best, acutely observed and enthrallingly portrayed. Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Girls Volume 4: Extinction – Luna Brothers

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