Girls Volume 4: Extinction – Luna Brothers

This is a fantastic end to an incredible story. We have had the slow build-up, the tension, the volatile cast and now the whole situation explodes as the testacles hit the fan. If you think things got heated in volume three then this will blow your mind as you really see what happens to people under pressure.

The pace has really sped up from the gentle wisecracking beginning to the run around with your heads cut off finale. This is a shame as the initial humour was part of the charm of this refreshing new work. It does become a bit dialogue heavy towards the end with some hefty speeches to wade through. But where possible the story is told by showing, not by random characters spouting plot. This series has been one of the best at conveying and eliciting emotion through characters expressions, body language and actions. All credit to the Luna Brothers for that.

The story does twist and turn as the balance of power shifts between the sexes but it never feels forced or contrived. Most of the time you are hanging on for dear life as events spiral out of everyone’s control. The ending could have used a few more pages as it seems to be over before you know it but that doesn’t spoil a Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Judge Dredd: The Carlos Ezquerra Collection – Various

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