Judge Dredd: The Carlos Ezquerra Collection – Various

This collection contains eight stories but only four of them star Judge Dredd. Five of them feature a Cursed Earth Judge named Koburn. These stories hang together very well and you develop a liking for the maverick lawman and his practical brand of justice. The Dredd stories are good with Garth Ennis writing a couple of great works. If you are a new reader or have been absent for a while you don’t really get the full appreciation, particularly when classic villains from the past appear. Some stories shine brighter than others but there are no clangers.

It seems an odd proposition to collate stories by artist but as Ezquerra was one of Dredd’s creators this isn’t so bizarre. All the stories are modern and there are no definitive Dredd or Mega-city moments. They are all dialogue heavy too so they clearly weren’t chosen for their artistic value. This does seem to be new money for old rope. All the stories are in colour and you do get to see Ezquerra on fine form depicting both the clean lines of the megacity and the grunge of the Cursed Earth. This is where Ezquerra truly excels. His feathery, worn style is absolutely perfect for the rad-wastes and their collection of bizarre muties.

This is a nice long read with many chuckles and great plots even if the title is misleading. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Fall of Cthulhu 1: The Fugue – Michael Nelson. PLUS bonus review: Fell: Feral City – Warren Ellis [Redux]

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