Fell: Feral City – Warren Ellis [Redux]

I was almost embarrassed by my opening lines to my original review. I have read so many great stories since then and remember my initial opening, as a giggling buffoon dipping his toe into a new genre, with a cringe.

I re-read Fell and my review and to be honest they both stand up. Fell is an incredible work with a lot of story to tell both on the page an in our social conscience. The art is superb. Although at first glance simple watercolour it has a talent for seeping straight into our consciousness without going via the eyes. The wonderful use of colour to precisely direct our emotions is sheer genius. This would not work half as well if it was a simple black and white noir piece or one of Marvel’s Technicolor spectaculars.

The stories, both the protagonist’s journey and the crime of the week, are fresh and compelling with us wanting to know so much more about Richard, Mayko, Snowtown and that damn nun! On the second read it is just as good if not better than the first and you really want a second volume. An Immovable Thumbs up!

Bonus Review

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