Fort – Peter Lenkov

This is a charming, self-contained tale reminiscent of Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. It stars and is narrated by Charles Fort, amateur paranormal investigator and a librarian in the New York City of 1899. Fort is a dapper chap with well groomed moustache and terribly English manners. Although there is a great deal of physical peril he never comes across as a James Bond type and seems to be carried through solely by his stiff upper lip and reckless curiosity. It makes very good use of the time period with locations and characters from history used wisely.

The art is black and white line drawing that reflects the shadowy nature of the story and the grimness of the period. The lines are crisp and clean and the use of shading is masterful creating some excellent lighting effects. There are some great angles and well composed frames with a real feeling of depth on the page.

Although the story has a Lovecraft feel it does not use any of the Mythos characters. There is a young urchin that is called H.P. which I thought was a masterful touch. Unfortunately he is later addressed as Master Lovecraft and is revealed to have a passion for short stories. This is too much and really derails the immersion that the reader was feeling. There is scope for a sequel but no sense that anything was unfinished. This is a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: 7 Brothers – John Woo & Garth Ennis

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