7 Brothers: Volume 2 – John Woo & Benjamin Raab

Hollywood has a nasty trick of taking a successful movie, jettisoning all the good people that made it, and chucking out something that bears little resemblance to the great experience you enjoyed before. Well, gone is the fantastic Garth Ennis and the original artist Jeevan Kang to be replaced by unknowns. This is not a great start.

But to be fair they don’t do a bad job. I was all set to write this off but the story engages you and the characters grow, develop and reveal more about their past. The smartest thing the new writers do is focus on a select few of the seven brothers giving more room for emotional attachment. The story and new antagonist is a compelling one. Where do you go after you have saved the world?

The art isn’t bad but it lacks the rich saturation and distinctive style of the original. You get the sense that things were a little rushed. While the art isn’t bad and there are some nice touches and panel layouts maybe they should have made more of an effort to keep the original artist or retain his style. Despite my reservations this turned out to be a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Kick Ass – Mark Millar

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