End of Month Three

Welcome to the month three roundup.

This month we had no Thumbs Down titles thankfully.


We had four No Thumbs titles.

This shows that even with a great writer, great source material or fresh ideas you can’t always get it right.

Covert Vampiric Operations: Volume One – Alex Garner

Covert Vampiric Operations: Volume Two: Rogue State – Jeff Mariotte

Fall of Cthulhu 1: The Fugue – Michael Nelson

Criminal: Bad Night – Ed Brubaker

We had nineteen Thumbs Up titles. A respectable figure and a mix of standalone and series titles.

Our Cancer Year – Harvey Pekar

Exit Wounds – Rutu Modan

How to Understand Israel in 60 Days or Less – Sarah Glidden

Covert Vampiric Operations: Volume Three: African Blood – El Torres

Jericho (Season 3) – Alejandro F. Giraldo

The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln – Scott McCloud

Girls Volume 2: Emergence – Luna Brothers

Judge Dredd: The Carlos Ezquerra Collection – Various

Fort – Peter Lenkov

7 Brothers – John Woo & Garth Ennis

7 Brothers: Volume 2 – John Woo & Benjamin Raab

Kick Ass – Mark Millar

Defoe 1666 – Pat Mills

Bram Stoker’s Death Ship – Gary Gerani

Criminal: Coward – Ed Brubaker

Criminal: The Dead and the Dying – Ed Brubaker

Criminal: The Sinners – Ed Brubaker

Soldier Zero: Volume 2 – Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

Soldier Zero: Volume 3 – Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning

This month we had eight Double Thumbs Up titles, more than ever before. Girls has to be the most successful series yet, I hope it wasn’t just for the nudity…

Girls Volume 1: Conception – Luna Brothers

Girls Volume 3: Survival – Luna Brothers

Girls Volume 4: Extinction – Luna Brothers

At the Mountains of Madness – Ian Culbard

45 – Andi Ewington

Criminal: Lawless – Ed Brubaker

Criminal: The Last of the Innocent – Ed Brubaker

Soldier Zero: Volume 1 – Paul Cornell

Everyone should read the Criminal series as it is masterful storytelling.

Everyone should checkout Girls as it is an amazing idea.

Anyone with a Lovecraft interest should get hold of At the Mountains of Madness as it is the best adaptation in any medium and has gorgeous art.

Everyone should marvel at 45 for showing just how different you can be in a graphic novel.

My star was probably Soldier Zero for its bold beginning. I just wish Cornell had stuck with it as the direction it promised would have been an interesting one. Even with new writer however it still didn’t lose its charm.

See you next month.

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