Are you a DC or Marvel Fan?

This was a question that got asked a lot when I was younger. Personally I don’t understand why you couldn’t enjoy both. But I was a Marvel guy.

I grew up with stories of knights and chivalry. People who followed a rigid code. Flawless paragons of truth, justice and the medieval way. Some of them were real people living the life of the period and others were repolished by fashionable Victorian morality.

When it came to reading about fictional heroes I found single-minded, one-dimensional characters such as Superman and Batman too similar. I wanted people with flaws. People like me who didn’t fit in with the world around them. Marvel with its mutants was the obvious choice.

I really haven’t read many traditional superhero comics. I saw and enjoyed all the Superman films (apart from the modern one), the Batman TV series of the sixties and the Marvel cartoons. With the exception of a year or so of Spiderman, which I only bought for the Black Cat, (I was of that age) the first superheroes I truly remember reading were Joss Whedon’s X-Men. Which was great by the way.

I tried reading Batman’s Greatest Stories Ever Told and I was so bored by the first one I gave up. Yet the new Batman films are some of the finest works of cinematic storytelling ever. I really enjoyed the early Smallville too. Something is definitely not adding up.

DC own the Vertigo label which is responsible for bringing us classics such as V for Vendetta, Y the Last Man, Sandman, Preacher and more. So they are doing something right. But I just can’t bring myself to muster any interest in reading any of their superheroes.

Or can I? Find out more in tomorrow’s bonus review…

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