Chew Volume Three: Just Deserts – John Layman

It would be so disappointing if the quality of this fabulous work dropped. Thankfully it doesn’t. Rather than getting lazy and complacent with success the Chew team becomes even more daring and experimental in terms of art, narrative and ambition.

Like expert plate spinners you constantly wonder how they can keep this many narrative threads alive and distinct. The huge global conspiracy is there. The outer space mystery is there. Plus every character gets a decent amount of page time and there is room to introduce Tony’s entire family including his… gasp, shock, horror, [I won’t ruin the surprise].

Even in such a short time Chew has established its own conventions. The obligatory prologue; the single issue mystery; the life or death phone call; the hidden background details; the creative lettering; and so on. This attention to detail and blatant charm make you love the book and its wonderful characters. The narrative creativity keeps everything fresh and challenging.

The art is still consistently good with slightly more risks being taken with the techniques and some bold choices. Such as a six page mute sequence that is pretty much a repetition of the same close-up that cryptically foreshadows a major character reveal.

This is excellent through and through with writer and artist at one with the project. Like the perfect meal all its ingredients are skilfully chosen and expertly blended to create a masterpiece. The highest Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Chew Volume Four: Flambé – John Layman

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