Chew Volume Four: Flambé – John Layman

This is another fine addition to the Chew library. Both writer and reader are now well versed in the lore of Chew and so all the characters, tricks, techniques and themes you love are there.

The art is great as always and although the characters can be seen as quite impressionistic you do get real emotion from their faces. One of the great touches is the background detail. Posters, notices, graffiti, all contain appropriate gags. There are even some characters from TV shows you might recognise.

Once again the lettering is the star with even more neat little touches and innovations. You have the longest ever speech bubble string that fills an entire page, yet is effortlessly executed and easy to read.

The stories here are more fragmented than previous volumes but the overall plot keeps marching on in the background. With so many likable characters this looks set to be the way forward.

The creators are becoming bolder and more confident in both artistic and narrative style. Reminding a reader they are reading a story by addressing them directly is a very bold move, and used sparingly, as it is here and in the last volume, is a very powerful way of getting our attention.

There is a great laugh out loud moment and a brilliant surprise meaning that although Chew is a comfortable and friendly read it is still just as exciting. A solid gold Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Chew Volume Five: Major League Chew – John Layman

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