The Interactives – Peter Rogers

This is a curious work that is part teenage action adventure and part social satire on the youth of today. Our old legends return to life pissed off at the fact no one bothers to remember them and it is up to the internet generation to prove they have not lost their imagination.

There are a lot more big ideas in here than it seems to have room for and it does a tardis-like job of packing in both entertainment and message into a very short space of time. Drawing from things like The Goonies, Neverending Story and a little Stand by Me, and mixing it up with contemporary Broken Britain we get to see a modern day quest.

The whole thing feels like a children’s TV program. Maybe something from the 70’s like King of the Castle or Children of the Stones but with a contemporary flavour. Kid’s these days don’t get on their bikes and have adventures, but has cyberspace robbed them of their sense of make believe for good?

The whole book is littered with pop culture references spanning generations. No matter what age you are there will still be something from your youth to identify with. This is set entirely in Britain and it is really nice to see familiar sights that aren’t the usual ones Hollywood chooses to blow up.

The art is very youthful. More sophisticated and detailed than a web comic yet without the high-gloss of a large budget book. It feels very relevant to the generation it portrays. The panel layouts have enough straight edges to make the infrequent bursts of creativity a dynamic jolt to the reader.

You can enjoy this on so many levels from a sophisticated satire of the zeitgeist to a wholesome romp you would give to your kids to read. Definitely a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: American Vampire: Volume One – Scott Snyder & Stephen King

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