Video Clips – Gaetano Liberatore

This unusual work is seven short stories by different writers commissioned and drawn by a single artist. Gaetano Liberatore is a well respected name in Italian comics, even branching out into Album covers (including Frank Zappa’s The Man From Utopia), and art directing for films.

This work from 1985 features seven separate stories, one of which Gaetano wrote himself, much like 2000AD’s future shocks. They are brief, weird and some cases quite inspired.

There’s an alien invasion where the aliens disguise themselves based on a Clarke Gable film, the thoughts of a paralysed man, and a nice twist on the ten-little-Indians whodunit.

Three stories are in colour the rest are in totally different styles of monochrome. You do get to see he has quite an artistic range and his monochrome work is unlike anything I have ever seen.

The whole thing has a weird 80’s sci-fi edge to it and that is what he is best known for. It was strange and in some places quite clever but sadly over too soon. Thumbs Up!

109/256. Tomorrow: Stormwatch: Force of Nature – Warren Ellis

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