Stormwatch Volume Four: A Finer World – Warren Ellis

This volume has two stories. In A Finer World we are introduced to The Midnighter and Apollo. Both part of a secret team Bendix was raising on the quiet. Through jumping about in the timeline we see their origin and learn about their discovery by Stormwatch. This has an incredible beginning and is an exceptionally well crafted story.

The second story, Bleed, is a parallel universe story much beloved of Star Trek. We start off in the alternate universe and both enjoy and are confused by all the subtle differences. We also get to see a different Weatherman. This again is a masterfully told tale that captivates you and ratchets up the tension before a thought-provoking conclusion.

The art runs to keep up as best it can and does it well. The book’s paper is a matt newsprint quality that makes everything appear much darker. This is a shame as there are some great at colour techniques that are swallowed up by the cheapness of the stock.

Both of these are excellent and original stories about the Stormwatch universe that make the most of the characters. There is brilliant pace and excellent dialogue. This is definitely a very high Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Stormwatch Volume Five: Final Orbit – Warren Ellis

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