Stormwatch Volume Five: Final Orbit – Warren Ellis

This is an odd volume. It has a three part story that kills off just enough characters to prepare for the launching of Ellis’ Authority series but the second is an interruption by a WildC.A.T.S/ Aliens crossover.

Part one is a promising start. We are dealing with the fallout of the parallel world story and there are some interesting questions, about how much you should interfere in things outside your backyard, on the table. Then a mysterious asteroid turns up and we get a feeling of dread. It is nice to see Molly Perkins continue her rise from background character to foreground star.

Part two takes the best bits of the Scott and Cameron Alien films and pastes them into the DC universe. Lone female survivor of an Alien attack, not sure if she is infected, macho hero types underestimate alien danger, spookily lit corridors, you get the picture. Literally replace deserted LV427 with deserted Stormwatch; and Colonial Marines with WildC.A.T.S. It works but only because two great filmmakers are being ripped off wholesale. If you don’t know who these WildC.A.T.S are then you won’t get to know them as there is no attempt to introduce them or give them meaningful characterisation.

Part three is the loose ends. Funerals, the disbanding of Stormwatch, and an encounter with Henry Bendix. Ellis has lost all interest in the property at this point. He told his two amazing stories and now he washes his hands of the property before cherry picking the good stuff for his next project.

The art is good but quite murky in places. Part two has a different artist and it is nice to see a more open, cleaner style at work before it all descends to spooky corridors.

I want to give it a thumbs up I really do. If you are a fan of Stormwatch, the WildC.A.T.S or Aliens you should check it out. But it isn’t Ellis or Stormwatch at their best. No Thumbs today sadly.


Tomorrow: Stormwatch Team Achilles: Book One – Micah Ian Wright

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