Stormwatch Team Achilles: Book Two – Micah Ian Wright

This is a very different animal from the previous volume. It is six stand alone stories that focus on a single or limited number of characters. These are good stories with one or two of them making for great Twilight Zone episodes. We get to learn more about our members and about the world around this new Stormwatch team.

But it doesn’t feel like the charged political arse-kicking of the first volume. Wright is a very good satirist and very politically aware. The screw-you is much more subtle. Throwaway dialogue, clothing choices, historical references are all clues to the bigger picture of our own world. It might be too clever or obscure for some readers but they are definitely there.

Each story has a different artist and you get to see a lot of impressive styles. The most outstanding is Tomm Coker on Winter War and 40 Winks. His panels are almost mono colour with depths of tone and saturation providing the details. All of the artists bring it and there is great work from everyone.

It does suffer a bit from this bold change of direction and fragmented storytelling. Flint from the previous Stormwatch run pops up and The Midnighter, out of costume, and looking and behaving nothing like his usual character which was weird. There is a shocking cliff-hanger and it is criminal that the scheduled third book was never released. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: BONUS REVIEW Stormwatch Team Achilles: Book Three – Micah Ian Wright & Stormwatch Post Human Division: Volume One – Christos Gage

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